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FAQ on
If you have any question about the function on,you can search the answers below!
1) What is the upgrade rule on
Just see the upgrade rules here,by clicking the link below:
2) How to design avatar?
Click the button avatar,just the one below,and then you can design your avatar
3) About the punish rules in!
You can see more by clicking this link:
4) How to upgrade fast?

a) Play the score games here,by clicking the link below:

If you get the high scores in the top five,you can win scores and coins.

b) Join the share wall ,click the button as below:

c) Play more games and leave more comments on your friends blog or guestbook,can also help you get more scores and coins.

5) How should I do if I was forbid?

The site is not allow anyone say bad words here,so all of you should be polite to others.

The words like stupid,fuck ect,or something like that, you will get the punishment,forbid comment or forbid login in forever, so be kind to others here.

6) When will the activity begins?
Every month we have contest to make all of you to have fun,the begin time,you can see my blog,the message I send you,or the top of the home page,you will see the contest pic.
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