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~* For The Lovely Angels Club: 1 *~
Clicks:291Comments:2012-07-10 14:36:26

~Love Angels Club Activity 1~-angelss



This story is about an angel. Her name is Lilac. She is an Angel with no wings, and the Queen is in trouble. She is captured by this evil witch named Haggetha. The Queen is counting on Lilac to save her with the help of her pet fuzzball. Before the Queen got angelnapped, the Queen gave Lilac her special necklace that has the magic of the rainbow. Haggetha wanted that necklace to rule the Angel Land, and kept searching for it. By the help with Haggetha's ogers, she found out that an angel with no wings has the necklace. Lilac couldnt fly, but she could still walk. She also had some help with a few friends! At last, Lilac found the queen. But Haggetha was also there. Haggetha started to brainwash Lilac, "You should give me the necklace, and you can get your wings". Lilac made a hard desision. She was about to give the necklace, but then was thinking "what am i doing". She threw the necklace on the wall, and a bright rainbow appeared. Lilac has beated Haggetha. At last, Lilac got even better wings! The best wings an angel could ever have! It was a gift from the Queen. This is my story for my avatar. I hope you like it, and i also hope its not too long!


~* For The Lovely Angels Club:-Divazoey


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