Zootopia Job Slacking

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If you love Zootopia just as much as we do, join us and play our newest Cutezee game called Zootopia Job Slacking. We all know what a great police officer Judy is. She is always working so hard to impress Chief Bogo and she is always trying to prove her worth. Working hard is great and it is a brilliant way of achieving your goals but sometimes, hard work can also take its toll on you. Judy is really tired and today, she just wants to take a break and have a little fun. Would you like to help Judy to a little slacking at work? You will find a series of fun activities for Judy to do at the bottom of the screen. Choose one and then go ahead and help Judy complete the activity. But beware, because there is a catch! Chief Bogo is keeping a close eye on her and she must avoid being seen by the Chief so you will need to stop what you are doing whenever you will see a red warning sign popping at the left of the screen. Help Judy successfully complete all of the activities and have fun alongside her. Enjoy this great Cutezee game!

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