Tea Time

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Denise is a British friend of mine who lives in Canada, but even if she's far away from home some of her habits haven't changed. I mean the tea from 5 o'clock is still the tea for 5 o'clock regardless the place of where she might be at that hour. If she's doing shopping with her friends she always finds a chic tearoom where to enjoy a coup of peach ice tea but when she's at home she enjoys her hot coup of tea in her room, sitting in a comfy armchair! I suppose you already know how stylish and chic are the British girls and Denise is one of the most stylish girls I've known, so it is very important for her to be elegant of the early morning hours to her last coup of tea. Join Denise in her girly-girl pinkish room and help her choose the perfect clothes and accessories for her 5 o'clock peach tea. Hurry up...it's already late!

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