Network Girl's Date

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They make a lovely couple, isn't it? Wait to see how the met: it was a rainy day and Jane was in the mood for anything else that not evolves the word 'studying' so she opened her computer and she connected to her FB account. There she found a friendship request from a handsome guy and the first thing she did was accepting him in her group of friends. Next, they started exchanging messages and after a couple of days he asked her for a date! OMG a date with that handsome boy who has appeared out of nowhere!! This afternoon she's going to meet the crush of her life in bones and she wants to look spectacular for him, so could you help her? Play the "Network Girl's Dating" dress up game, be Jane's fashion adviser and help her make the best fashion decisions. Check out her super trendy wardrobe and pick out the chicest outfit you can find in it to dress her up and then accessorize the chosen one with colorful jewels and a lovely hairstyle. Play great attention while choosing her clothes and accessories...she really wants to impress her date and leave him stunned!! Enjoy!

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