Monster High Spectra Dress Up

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Monster High Spectra loves to play with colors! She is like the rainbow, having many shade of moods and the way she feels is always shown in her looks. When she is in a great mood and happy she wears blue outfits paired with a orange hairstyle with black striped hair strands when she is feeling bright. When she's feeling sad, Spectra always wears dark clothes paired with a Gothic inspired make up look. Tonight she's going to attend a ghoulishly chic party and because her wardrobe is filled with the coolest fashion creations any teenaged girl can have, she needs someone to help her find the best outfit. Play the 'Monster High Spectra Dress up' game and help out cute monster ghoul decide what to wear tonight by putting together some different outfits for her to try on. Once the clothes, shoes and accessories are chosen, go to the next page of the game and create a perfect make up look to match her out! Don't forget that as a rainbow, she likes to be colorful, so don't be afraid to use as many colors as a lovely rainbow has! Enjoy playing the 'Monster High Spectra' dress up and make up game!

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