Monster High Cleo De Nile Spa Makeover

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The most beautiful Egyptian princess Cleo De Nile is the head of fearleading squad at monster high and she is dating a much younger boyfriend Deuce Gorgon. Do you know the secret behind her charming looks and why all the other monster high girls are jealous of her? The reason behind being a beautiful diva is finally revealed to you and you should not share it with other monster high girls because Cleo De Nile will have a tough time at monster high school and she cannot rule the school. Learn all the beauty tips from this stylish monster high girl by doing a fantastic makeover in your spa saloon as it happens once in a blue moon that she visits your spa saloon. You are lucky enough to have her at your spa saloon so make the most of the opportunity and give her rejuvenating facial treatments that makes her face look very young. And just facial is not enough, put a perfect makeup on her face that she her face shines like a glowing star. Finally dress her up in superb outfits combined with chic accessories that she looks ravishing in her new makeover. Her boyfriend would really go mad on seeing her stunning beauty and you too can become like her with the help of this spa makeover game. Have fun!

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