Lovely Girl Make Up

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This beautiful model girl found out in the last moment that she needs to attend a fashion show...right tonight. The problem is that her make-up artist has left the town and she hasn't too much time left. She has to find someone to deal with her makeup look as soon as possible because she needs to have a perfect look for the show. This is your chance to prove your make-up artist skills, so do you think you could help her out? How about staring this lovely girl's make up session with a fun hairstyling session? Check out the four different hairdos available at your disposal in this game and pick out the loveliest of all. Then continue with her makeup look: the lovely girl has a professional make-up kit in her personal limousine, so feel free to step in, check out all the make-up products prepared for you and use the ones you fancy the most to give her a perfect make up look! Enjoy playing the 'Lovely Girl Make Up' Game!

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