Jasmine Long Distance Relationship

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Jasmine and Aladdin have been in a relationship for a long time but unfortunately they live in different parts of the world. They are very in love with each other and they always miss each other very much so they always do whatever they can to be as close to each other as they can. Luckily technology makes it really easy for people to connect and keep in touch and Jasmine and Aladdin definitely make the most of what technology offers them. Help them keep their relationship happy by playing Jasmine Long Distance Relationship here on our website. Start this game by helping them text each other some cute, sweet love messages and then help them take a cute selfie to send to one another. Next, help Aladdin buy Jasmine some amazing gifts. Browse through Jasmine抯 wish list and then go shopping with him and help him choose the right gifts. Video calls are a great way to stay connected so help them entertain each other by making funny faces. Finally, Jasmine wants to surprise Aladdin with a visit so help her dress up in a beautiful outfit. Have a lot of fun playing Jasmine Long Distance Relationship!

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