Hippie Dress Up

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Hello! I am Lilou and together with my best friends, Lea and Lee, decided to jump back in time and discover the Flower Power times. First thing we should do, is to learn how to get dressed properly, so we can fit in the 60's Groovy! At first sight, the hippie clothes looked funny, but once I started trying on some of them I started to like the hippie style more and more. Now for our journey back to the sixties, I need to pack a few outfits, but I can't decide which of them. I would like to take all my hippie clothes, but it seems that my suitcase is not that big. Can you help me choose some really nice dresses, skirts and shirts and to pair them with a lovely pair of shoes and some accessories? I prefer the flower prints but maybe you can pick something different that I would like, too. Enjoy playing the 'Hippie Dress Up' game!

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