Cute Navy Girl Makeover

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This cute little girl knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up! If you take a closer look to her lovely chic wardrobe you will find out what is she dreaming about. That's right, she wants to become a navy girl! Would you like to help her put together her first, highly original navy look? In her wardrobe you will find so many pretty navy suits such as cute dresses with stripes, mini skirts and navy shirts, to chick navy hats and high hell shoes, so have her try some of them and pick out the ones you fancy he most to put together her lovely chic navy girl look. Once you've found the perfect suit and the matching accessories, go to the next page of the game and work out your make-up artist skills too, getting her a refreshing and radiant makeup! Enjoy playing the 'Cute Navy Girl Makeover' game!

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