Barbara What's Your Purse-onality

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Play this fun new game called Barbara What's Your Purse-onality to take a quiz and find the perfect purse for you! Barbara has always wanted to find a unique purse that represents her style and personality. Now she has discovered this fun quuz, which will help her discover this special and unique purse. You need to play this fun game to help Barbara take this quiz. The first question is about your zodiac sign. Choose the righ answer and move to the next question and make sure to give honest answers. Once you completed the quiz, you will unlock and obtain your dream purse, or Barbara's dresm purse more exactly. Now all that's left to do is to create a cute outfit that matches this purse. Open Barbara's wardrobe and start mixing amd matching dresses, skirts and tops with jackets and accessories to create Barbara;s fabulous outfit. Have fun playing Barbara What's Your Purse-onality!

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