Barbara's Jungle Adventure

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Barbara has the most picture perfect life ever! She always looks amazing and has the most lavish, perfect lifestyle and although this might sound amazing to some, it can also get a little bit tiring. Barbara really feels the need for a change of scenery and she has found the perfect way to break out of her routine. She is about to embark on a jungle adventure and she will need your help to make sure she will make it out ok. If you would like to be Barbara's travel companion play this new Cutezee game called Barbara's Jungle Adventure. Start the adventure by freeing the cute monkey from the cage. Find out which key fits and set the monkey free! Next, Barbara will encounter a cute panther stuck in a trap so help her free the panther, too and finally, help the lemur break out of the net he was caught in. When you have freed all of the animals design a wonderful outfit for Barbara to wear in the jungle so she will look cute and comfy exploring it alongside her new friends! Have fun playing Barbara's Jungle Adventure!

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